Likhan - An eco-friendly use-and-throw pen

Odisha-based Likhan manufactures use and throw pens with vegetable and fruit seeds in it, which later germinates into a tree.

Looking at the growing concern for our environment, the trend of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is fast catching up around the world. While switching to green products can be overwhelming, it is certainly not impossible. It can help reduce plastic waste and improve the quality of the environment we live in.
And while we talk about taking up green initiatives, going a step ahead and making a difference in its own way is Detour Odisha, a startup that takes tourists on guided heritage trails across the state’s capital Bhubaneswar.
After cyclone Fani affected the state recently, Detour Odisha organised the 124th Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit, during which the organisers distributed eco-friendly pens for tourists as a souvenir, reports The New Indian Express.
What is interesting about these pens is it consists of vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds in it. These pens are manufactured by Likhan, a startup that was started by two college students Prem Shanker Pandey and Md Raza of Centurion University, Odisha.
In a conversation with NDTV, 21-year-old Prem Shanker said, “We have made an eco-friendly alternative to use-and-throw pens. Of course, these pens have a plastic refill, but the body of the pens has been created from waste newspaper. Therefore, in comparison to regular pens that are 100 percent plastic, our pens have only 10 percent plastic. Also, unlike regular use and throw pens, you can discard these upcycled pens in a pot or soil, nurture it, and within weeks it will germinate into a plant.”
The aim behind the startup was to tackle the paper waste generated on the university campus. Prem and Md Raza later landed up with an idea to produce paper pencil and took this concept to develop paper pens too.


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Saturday, July 27, 2019