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Special Feature

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    Can you imagine applying for a loan to buy a fountain pen? Or using a pen as collateral for a personal loan?

    They are getting organised both online and offline with summits, meets, and even help with pen loans.

    Some of India’s most avid pen collectors are doing both. The pens they prize cost between Rs 30,000 and Rs 12 lakh each, and are typically limited-edition pieces by brands such as Mont Blanc, Sheaffer and Parker, hand-crafted from silver or, as in one case, one by Visconti made from lava spewed by the volcanic Mount Etna in Italy.
    The most ardent collectors have hundreds of these pens, and meet regularly to discuss their collections, share tips, chat about maintenance, and are now holding organised events such as this February’s first-ever India Pen Show (IPS). For two days, the Nehru Centre in Mumbai teemed with pen collectors touring a total of 40 stalls, attending calligraphy workshops, taking guided tours with pen experts, and even looking in at a special letter-writing booth set up as an ode to the joys of writing with a fountain pen.
    “Before this there were only informal group meets within one’s own city or hubs facilitated by international pen brands such as Pelikan,” says Vishal Singhi, 39, a banker and pen collector who thought up and helped organise the IPS. “It was about time India had something of her own.”
    Singhi started collecting fountain pens in 2007 and has more than 400 today. “It’s an out-and-out infatuation,” he says, laughing. “I collect because, quite simply, nothing else makes me swoon as much.”
    Typically, collectors start small. Ashok Jain was 30, a young art dealer in 1990s Delhi, when he started collecting pens. “My first purchase was a Sheaffer 14-carat gold pencil I paid Rs 2,000 for, the same price as 5 gm of gold at the time,” he recalls.
    The internet helped Jain scour like he’d never scoured before – he found pens made of gold and silver, embellished with precious stones and covered in intricate designs. “I was hooked,” he says.
    Today he has over 1,400 pens, the rarest of which is a vintage 1920s Mont Blanc with a long, gold nib. “Only five to six of these are known to be in circulation, in the world,” he says. They sell for anywhere between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 12 lakh a piece.
    So how do you keep collecting when the prices are this high? To address this problem, Jain set up a loan system. “Banks in India will accept a house or car as collateral but won’t accept a fountain pen, even if it costs as much — or more,” Jain says.” So, in 1996, he started the Pen Club of India and in 2010 the club began to help collectors get loans. The club began with three members and now has over 300. Each of these members contributes a fixed sum, so that, if a collector needs to urgently borrow money in order to buy a pen, he can offer a pen as collateral and borrow from that fund. The loans are interest-free for the first three months.
    “We not only collect pens here but also help others learn the nuances of collecting, or advise them on which pen to buy,” says Pradeep Jain, 52, a pen dealer from Delhi among the first members of the club.


    Tue, 28/05/2019
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    Principals across institutions get together to discuss innovative strategies to make learning fun

    Kokuyo Camlin, India’s premier stationery brand, celebrated the 6th edition of ‘World PrincipalsDay’ in association with The Hindu where principals across various reputed educational institutions participated and shared their insights on the theme of the event “Let’s make learning Fun”. The event was held at KidZania, RCity Mall, Ghatkopar.

    For the last 6 years, Kokuyo Camlin has been steering this unique informal meet where principals from various schools discuss on how to improve the academia by making it more interesting, interactive and creative for the students.

    The event also witnessed paper presentations and expert discussions where they discussed new and unique approaches to engage students and add the element of ‘Fun’ into their learning methodology.

    The theme was also in line to Kokuyo Camlin’s brand philosophy of ‘Let’s make learning Fun’. An interactive session was held for them to absorb and share ideas among themselves along with fun - filled games which was actively appreciated by them.

    The chief guest for the event, Dr. Ramaswami N (IAS), Hon Commissioner –NMMC, shared his insights on the theme of the event, further to which the key note speakers Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan – Director of Education – Singhania Schools and Principal at Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Mr. Francis Joseph – Head Development and Strategy at Maharashtra International Education Board and Co-Founder SLN Foundation, Ms Gurdeep Kaur – Principal - Shri Harshad C Walia International School and Dr Seema Negi – Principal-Sanjeevani World School also shed light on the importance of revamping the current educational methodology and encouraging creative perception in children. The guests and delegates were awarded with Camlin goodie bags and gifts to pay gratitude for their immense contribution towards education

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd, said, “Kokuyo Camlin started celebrating principal’s day in India since 2014 with an objective to pay tribute to the head of the schools who is responsible for ensuring the best education for their students. We are pleased to find that the school principal’s strongly reinforce the philosophy of making learning for children as the most effective way of learning”.


    Wed, 08/05/2019
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    Soha Ali Khan Announces Rishi Anand Nambair as India’s National Spelling Champ of Classmate Spell Bee Season 11

    The Classmate Spell Bee Season 11, India’s largest spelling competition, an initiative of Radio Mirchi, culminated at a thrilling finale where the winners were announced and feted by none other than Bollywood star, Soha Ali Khan! Rishi Anand Nambair of GEAR Innovative International School, Bengaluru was declared the National Champion while Harshvardhan Ray of Delhi Public School, Bengaluru was the first runner up.
    Winner Rishi Nambair From Bangalore’s GEAR Innovative International School with Vishnu Ganga Amancharla Marketing Manager Education & Stationery Products Business, ITC limited, Yatish Mehrishi, COO Entertainment Network (India) LTD and Soha Ali Khan.
    The theme for the competition this year was ‘Be Better than Yourself’ which is in line with Classmate’s philosophy of encouraging children to excel in the field of their choice by striving to continuously improve by competing with themselves and not with others and to be better than themselves.

    Mr. R Ravinarayanan, Head of Sales & Marketing, Education & Stationery Products Business (ESPB), ITC Ltd. said, “Classmate has always endeavored to recognize, nurture & celebrate the uniqueness of every child. Classmate Spell Bee Season 11 takes Classmate’s brand thought of celebrating uniqueness further as it gives students yet another opportunity to identify and showcase their distinctive talents and skills on a nationwide platform. Classmate Spell Bee season 11 builds on the scale we achieved last year with the aim of reaching out to an even larger number students across schools and cities in India, through a school contact program coupled with a novel mobile app and a dedicated website to engage students. The brand promises to support a child’s dreams with an equally unique & world class set of stationery products like notebooks, writing, drawing, art and math instruments.”


    Sun, 05/05/2019
  • 285

    Kokuyo Camlin, one of the prominent stationery brands of India, yet again substantiate their commitment towards the betterment of children’s overall development by launching Camel Child Grip Crayons’, a one of a kind crayons, specially designed for toddlers to improve their fine motor skills and enhance grip development. This product was launched at a grand function held in Kidzania, R City Mall- Ghatkopar in the presence of a huge audience consisting of Kokuyo Camlin stakeholders, distributors, retailers, mothers, pre-school teachers, physiologists and special educators.

    Camlin Child Grip Crayons helps toddlers to set free their creative side of the brain with its easy to hold design and attractive bright colors. The product also serves the purpose of stimulating brain development in children by improving hand eye coordination which in turn helps improve their handwriting skills in future.  Parents don’t have to worry as these are safe and toxic free which conforms to the international safety standards EN 71-3 and washable from non-porous surfaces. Kokuyo Camlin has put in 2 years of extensive research for the development of this product’s design, colour and constituents, keeping in mind the physical as well as the psychographic attributes of Indian children.

    Elated by the response from the audience Mr. Satish Veerappa, CEO- Kokuyo Camlin said: “It gives us immense pleasure to bring this product to young kids aged around 3 years plus. Kids at this age are really trying to build their perception of the world around them and this product should be a useful aid in doing so. This apart from helping the kid to develop the necessary control on his/her grip, will also allow them to express their thoughts through the medium of colors and the paintings. We sincerely hope this product becomes a useful tool for teachers and parents in guiding and building the development of the child.”

    Commenting on the launch, Mr. Saumitra Prasad, CMO – Kokuyo Camlin said: “We are excited to launch Camel Child Grip Crayon which is a revolutionary crayon as it not only helps in a child to express through colors but also help the child in developing grip and fine motor skills. Since the product is also washable it will make the very first learning step more fun for both the child and the parents.”

    The product received overwhelmingly positive responses from teachers, special educators and physiologists and was praised for its design and grip which experts claim could also help in the cognitive development of children with special needs.

    About Kokuyo Camlin Ltd:

    Kokuyo Camlin Limited (formerly known as Camlin Limited)  is in the business of  marketing and selling of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence for more than 80 years . The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colours and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks. 

    Wed, 24/04/2019
  • 267
    Fri, 08/03/2019
  • 259

    Line O Matic Graphic Industries, India is participating in Printpack India 2019 Exhibition (01 - 06 FEB. 19) Noida with 588 sq. meters to showcase its latest range of machines for exercise notebook industry. 

    Line O Matic is launching -

    1.  New variant in Bolt RB Series i.e. Bolt RB104 MAX  –  Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine, having speed of 500 meters per minute and converting stroke of 80 cycles per minute. It is most advanced machine with cutting edge technology.
    2. SWM 100 – Automatic Continuous motion Shrink Wrapping Machine. New entrant in Line O Matic Product  basket for wrapping of notebooks. It is sturdy, fast, safe and easy to operate.

    !!! Line O Matic will uncover most sophisticated technological advancement of Bolt RB104 MAX & SWM 100 in Printpack India 2019 at Hall # 09, Stand # E43 !!! 

    Line O Matic also displaying existing range of machines:-

    SHS 104S - Super High Speed Ruling/Flexo Printing Machine & Uno B104 - Exercise Book Binding Machine. Both are offline machines to make soft cover staple pin type exercise notebooks.
    This is an excellent opportunity for companies or entrepreneur who wants to enter into exercise notebook manufacturing segment or want to diversify business… to see our Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic machines on single platform and to avail special offers and discounts…


             Never Seen Before…
    Kindly refer: for more details. 

    Tue, 29/01/2019
  • 251

    Avantha Group is set to sell its agro chemicals unit, Solaris ChemTechNSE 0.00 %, to Agrocel Industries for about Rs. 800 crore as the Gautam Thapar-controlled firm is selling its non-core businesses to repay some outstanding debt. 

    Agrocel, part of the Shroff Group of Companies which includes Excel Industries, is expected to sign definitive agreement in the coming week and an announcement is due before year-end, multiple sources with knowledge of the matter told. 
    The transaction is expected to bring some relief to Avantha Group, which has total debt of more than Rs 12,500 crore. Lenders have already dragged one of the group companies, Bilt Graphic Papers, which borrowed close to Rs. 7,000 crore, to NCLT to initiate bankruptcy proceedings against the company. “The group has been desperately trying to sell this asset for a long time. They did try a deal with a strategic US investor, but it couldn’t complete it. However, this time, they struck a deal with Agrocel and a definitive agreement will be signed within a week,” said one of the sources mentioned above. 
    Avantha group did not respond to emailed queries until press timeW. Avantha sold part of Solaris to the Aditya Birla Group in May 2013. After that deal, which included the chlor-alkali and phosphoric acid divisions, Solaris is left with bromine manufacturing and distribution. The group had signed a deal to sell the remaining company to USbased Chemtura Corporation, but the transaction was not completed. 


    Tue, 15/01/2019
  • 252

    The BSE-listed company currently manufactures three types of paper — coated, uncoated and packaging board. The uncoated segment generates the highest revenue. “The additional capacity of 1.38 lakh tonnes will come from our plant in Sirpur (Telangana), where we aim to start production by April 2019,” said V Kumaraswamy, Chief Financial Officer, JK Paper. The plant will also help the company venture into the colour paper segment for the first time, he added.

    “Apart from capacity expansion in Sirpur Paper Mills, the company will further increase its capacity by adding 1.5 lakh tonnes in the next two years. This expansion will focus on the packaging board vertical,” said Kumaraswamy.

    The company registered a net profit of ₹109.57 crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2018, a sharp rise from ₹56.63 crore in the previous year period.
    “One of the major reasons for this could be lesser expenditure on transport. For the past few years, the company has been growing raw materials in areas closer to its mills. So, earlier, if the raw materials were available at a distance of 800 km, they can now be obtained within 250 km,” said Kumaraswamy.


    Sat, 29/12/2018
  • 233

    NVCC’s Lifetime Achievement Awards to Prakash Soni, and 2 others

    NVCC gave lifetime achievement awards to three businessmen Mr. Prakash Soni, Chairman, Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur,  Prahlad  Madangopal Agarwal and Ashok Khanorkar for outstanding work in their respective fields and contributing in the region’s growth.

    Saying that the prevailing market conditions are unfavourable, Hemant Gandhi, President of the Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) said that sustainability has become a big challenge for the traders, especially those who fall in the small and medium size categories.

    While speaking at the ‘Diwali Milan’ function organised here by the NVCC, Gandhi said that factors such as high fuel prices, recently introduced Goods and ervices Tax (GST), E-way Bill and growing foreign direct investment in retail among others are posing big threat for the traders.

    “Gone are the days when traders used to plan expansion of their businesses. Today, they are struggling to survive,” he said highlighting that the traders are facing many challenges.

    Apart from this, Gandhi expressed satisfaction over the developmental projects going on in and around the city. But he said that the traders here should get benefit of these projects. Gandhi was apparently hinting that the ongoing projects should generate business for local traders.

    On the occasion, the NVCC presented lifetime achievement awards to three businessmen - Prakash Soni, Prahlad Madangopal Agarwal and Ashok Khanorkar for their outstanding work in their respective fields and contributing in the region’s growth. Every year, the premier body of the traders in Vidarbha presents these awards to traders and businessmen.

    Mr. Prakash Soni is Chairman of Sony Polymers Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur Incorporated in the year 1981, the company is well-established and leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of stationery products, adhesive, office items, note grips and other products.

    Fri, 21/12/2018
  • 240

    Indian investors continue to swarm in Africa’s fastest growing economy as they look to expand  their print in Africa

    Indian Trident Group Limited Company is planning a multimillion investment in Ethiopia that will see the East African country produce an eco-friendly Trident Copier and Writing Paper.

    The country continues to be an attractive investment hub for foreign investors with the changes made by the government to increase the general inflow of FDI.

    The Indian investor plots to financially inject a capital worth between 100-200 million in establishing a manufacturing plant. The investment opportunity is a boost to the economy of Ethiopia which plans to be Africa’s manufacturing hub by 2025. Among the investors in the manufacturing industry in the country include Turkish and Chinese who are taking advantage of the untapped potential in the industry.

    Commenting on the business idea,  Mr. Naveet Jindal, CEO (Sales & Marketing – Paper & Chemicals Business) of Trident Limited, said, “Trident offers a unique advantage of saving the plants by using eco-friendly copier paper which is directly helping the farmers through the sale of agro waste which was earlier burned as economic benefit that causes air pollution.” Trident is one of the preferred suppliers of high-quality paper for multi-color, high-speed printing and publishing and high quality branded copier paper, as per the company’s website.

    The firm also offers other products in energy, home textiles, yarn, and chemicals. Its expansion plan in East Africa is factored by Ethiopia’s below annual paper consumption as the country’s per capita consumption is 2.5 kilograms per year while the world’s average per capita consumption is 55 kilograms, revealed by the CEO.

    Thu, 20/12/2018