HAGOROMO - A Chalk with a Cult status

PSS got the opportunity to use and feel the Rolls Royce of CHALKS. Yes! We are not joking. If ever chalks could be categorized just like cars, then HAGOROMO chalks would be considered as the Rolls Royce.

HAGOROMO chalks were first manufactured by a Family run company in Japan which developed and maintained the formula for past three generations. The users of this chalk included Professors and Teachers of some of the most reputed Collages and Institutes around the world. As a matter of fact many of them have created their own theories to describe the joy and blissfulness they feel while using this chalk. One of the Professor said – "The legend around this Chalk is that, its impossible to write a False theorem with this chalk", while the other one said "I assume the special ingredient is Angel’s Tears".

(please visit the Youtube link given at the bottom to hear the full story)


These professors have been such ardent users of this chalk that they literally started hoarding whole boxes and cartons full of HAGOROMO chalks when they got of know that the Japanese firm is closing down and these would no longer be available in the market.

Then came HYEONG-SEOK SHIN, CEO of SEJONGMALL Co. Ltd. Korea who turned out to be a rescuer of this cult chalk. He himself was a Bulk purchaser of this Chalk. But when the Japanese Co. decided to down shutters, he convinced them of his true love for the Chalk and also that he was totally worthy to carry forward the legacy of HAGOROMO Chalks in its pure essence.

PSS met Hyeong-Seok Shin at Hong Kong Stationery Show this year. We look forward to see the chalk in the Indian Market soon. We hope some of the our readers would soon consider this as great business opportunity.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020