India's 1st 4D Stationery - Mithya 4D

Mithya 4D Stationery Private Limited – a Pune based company, is India’s First 4D Stationery manufacturing company and Startup Recognized by Government of India, specializes in the modern and innovative stationery products powered with 4D animations with the help of their proprietary technologies.

What is 4D?

Any 3D content which is interactive and can be seen from different angles is 4D.

What is 4D Stationery?

With the help of “Mithya 4D” app, any physical stationery like Notebook, Clipboard, Geometry Box, etc. will turn into 4D content and hence the name 4D Stationery.

Why the name ‘Mithya’?

‘Mithya’ actually originated from Sanskrit and its meaning fairly corresponds to ‘Illusion”, an appearance superimposed on actuality, or different from actuality. The “Mithya 4D” app enables “Mithya (illusion)” to bring our 4D stationery to life and it turns the stationery to alternate reality with enlivened and interactive characters.

Benefits of 4D Stationery?

In today’s digital era, mobile has become an integral part and parcel for students and hence they are spending most of their times on mobiles. With the help of Mithya’s 4D Stationery, the education and learning will become fun.


Download the FREE ‘Mithya 4D’ app from the Google Play store or iPhone App Store. Open the app and point the app’s camera at the ‘Puppet Show’ sample for demo printed on top of this page and enjoy the 4D animation.

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Monday, November 4, 2019