MagCon - a versatile compass from Ddiin Concept HK

Sofia Lee a young Product designer from Hong Kong showed us – MAGCON, an innovative compass.

To describe it in her own words “The most versatile drawing tool”. MagCon, the compass has a cylindrical metal center piece that works as an axis without poking any hole in the paper. MAGCON comes in 2 different pack sizes containing 2 and 3 attachments respectively. Two of these are scales of different sizes with Precisely printed measurements. The other one is a curvy stencil containing different shapes and patterns. These scales and stencils cling to the center piece with a strong magnetic force.

And with in few seconds of this set up it becomes supper easy to draw curves and patterns with smooth draw of hand through these stencils. Sofia said “My product is getting very popular among Designers and Architects. Many of them have reported several additional usages.” She further added “They told me that many complicated curves and designs that used to take a lot of time can now be done within a few minutes.

Sofia has launched this product under her company called Ddiin Concept Ltd.


For more details on this brilliant Compass you may visit the company website:-

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020