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    Permanent marking made easy in 8 colours

    Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd. offers, Paint Markers with Non- toxic ink, that gives permanent marking on various surfaces and are indispensable for industrial requirements. Popular with surfboard painters and being used extensively by Auto Industry, Steel Industry and all industries which need permanent marking on raw material, in process material and finished goods. 

    They have bullet tips with steel rod inside for mixing, which maintains free flow of paint. They are ideal to write on metals, plastics, ceramic, wood, leather and many other surfaces commonly encountered in industrial applications. The marking made with paint marker is scuff proof, sunlight proof and will not wipe with water, oil or solvents.

    It is available in 8 colours yellow, red, green, blue, white, black, silver, and gold. Silver and gold marking can withstand temperature upto 600 degree Celcius.

    Sat, 27/01/2018